Рассказ о себе на английском (About myself)

"Рассказ о себе на английском (About myself)"
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Рассказ о себе на английском (About myself)

Умение рассказать о себе — одно из ключевых на английском языке. Оно пригодится и при знакомстве с иностранцами, и при собеседовании при устройстве на работу и много еще где.
I have a big family. I live with my mother, farther, and two sisters. Their names are Ann and Joan. They are 5 years old and they are twins. My mom is a teacher and my farther is a dentist.
I study at school number 2014. I am in the 6th grade now. My favourite subjects at school are Math and Physics. After school I plan to enter the Technical University. I want to be an engeneer in the future.
I’m fond of swimming and chess. I go to the swimming pool twice a week and take part in competitions. I also love reading books and watching TV. My favourive writer is Joanne Rowling, the author of Harry Potter. As for TV, I watch sitcoms and news programs.
I’m trying to be kind and polite. I always help my mother to  look after my sisters. For me it’s very important to be a good boy in all situations.
My name is Valentin. I was born on the 15th of May 2010, so I’m 7 years old. I’m from Russia, I live in Moscow. I come from a small family. There are three of us: a mother, a farther and me. I go to school. I am in the second form. I am good at Painting and Math. In my free time I usually read books and go to the gym. I have a lot of friends. In future I want to be a designer.
Меня зовут Валентин. Я родился 15 мая 2010 года, поэтому мне 7 лет. Я из России, я живу в Москве. Я родом из маленькой семьи. Нас в семье трое: мама, папа и я. Я хожу в школу. Я учусь во втором классе. Я хорошо успеваю по ИЗО и математике. В свободное время я обычно читаю книги и хожу в спортзал. У меня много друзей. В будущем я хочу стать дизайнером.
Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna Kaufman. I am sixteen. I am a student of the Rostov Secondary School. At the moment I am in the tenth grade.
I am easy-going, cheerful and responsive. I love my family and friends and I am always eager to help them and divide their joy and sorrows. I adore outdoor activities, picnics, rafting and travelling. I like to sit by the fire with my friends and enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Besides, I am a very versatile person.
I am fond of fashion, photography, music, English and painting. In my free time I can spend hours out in the open air. On my way to school I always listen to my favorite songs on my iPod. Twice a week I go to the gym where I practice yoga and ballet. I also like to play volleyball and basketball with my friends.
As to my appearance, I am quite tall and slim with big blue eyes and plump lips. My hair is curly and brown. I have lightly tanned skin. My friends find me rather attractive.
My family is not large. My parents have one more child, besides me. Thus I have got an older sister. Her name is Mary. She is in her late twenties. She works in a bank as a chief accountant. She is married and has a wonderful daughter named Alice.
I have the best parents in the world. Both of them are understanding, kind and patient. They always support me and give me sound advice. My


Рассказ о себе на английском Нужен краткий рассказ о себе на английском Заранее A few words about myself. My name is Zhanna. I’m thirty-five. I’m a student of the International Humanitarian-Economic Institute and I like studying here very much, though it’s sometimes difficult as I already have a family of my own and so I have a lot of responsibilities.
As you can see, I’m of a middle height and rather slim. My hair is dark, short and straight. I have brown eyes. They say I took after my mother in appearance.
As far as I can see my character is cheerful in general. I’m normally a happy and an optimistic person.
Рассказ о себе на английском. Нужен краткий рассказ о себе на английском! Заране My name is . I have already left school and now my big dream is to graduate university and in the future to work in legal sphere. I love animals. I have a cat — and a parrot — .I used to be fond of tourism and went hiking. I spend my leisure time at the computer. In the summer I like to go out of town to have rest. I am a reliable person and I keep my promises («я ответственный человек и всегда выполняю свои обещания»). I try not to be late for my classes and different events.
A few words about myself. My name is Zhanna.
КАК написать рассказ о себе по-английски :: Рассказ о себе на английском языке с Содержание рассказа о себе на английском языке может варьироваться. Оно зависит от того, зачем и для кого пишется этот рассказ. Разумеется, стиль и сообщаемая информация разнится в зависимости от того, резюме это или учебный рассказ. Впрочем, существуют некие клише, которые можно использовать как в одном, так и в другом случае.
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Рассказ о себе на английском. Тема «Сочинение о себе» My name is Sergey. I am 16 years old. I study in the tenth class. I live together with my family. I have father, mother and sister Nastya who is 3 years younger than me. I have curly brown hair and green eyes. My constitution and height are average. I think I am quite nice guy.
I am not the best student in the school, but not the worst. My favorite subjects are mathematics, biology and geography. I have a hobby — I adore board games of different kinds: with figures, plugs, cards. I like to play chess.
Как составить рассказ о себе на английском. Как рассказать о себе на собеседован Собеседование само по себе является довольно серьезным мероприятием и требует определенной подготовки. Но если нужно подготовить рассказ о себе на английском, то готовиться нужно намного серьезнее. Ведь именно первое впечатление о вас должно быть достаточно сильным.
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